How it works

How It Works

Volunteering can be fun and romantic

Wouldn’t it be great to have a fun, connective date night while feeling like you made a difference in your community at the same time? That’s exactly the thinking behind our Do Good Date Night concept. Couples pitch in to help a local non-profit or cause and then they kick back and enjoy food, drinks and good times. It’s a win-win for everyone.

We Partner with a Local Non-Profit

This non-profit already has a turn-key volunteer experience and is in need of 40 to 80 volunteers. Our volunteers can easily get to work on a service project that takes about one hour.

We Plan a Date Night Full of Fun.

We set a date, determine our service project for the evening, order food and drinks, and design a fun date night activity centered around helping.

Couples Buy Their Date Night Tickets

Couples purchase tickets and commit to volunteer date on a specific date and time. Our events are 100% non-profit. Tickets Range from $15-$25.

Let's Create A Date Night

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