Our events are usually designed for 40 to 80 people per event.
No. We often have groups of friends attend together. Even though it’s a “date night” we gladly welcome non-couples. Events are, however, exclusive to those ages 21+.
Our event attendees are typically young, working professionals, many married with small kids, who simply don’t have time to find and commit to regular meaningful service work in their community.
All potential event hosts must be approved by Do Good Date Night Corp. and be given permission to use the trademarked name and concept. This approval process allows us to review the event details to ensure that the service project, timeframe, fees, nonprofit partner and event concept all comply with our overall event standards. Once the application form is filled out, approval takes approximately three business days.
We recommend allowing at least six to eight weeks to plan a Do Good Date Night effectively, including four weeks to market and sell tickets.
It shouldn’t cost anything. 100% of your ticket revenue should cover the cost of your event, including any material fees, such as clipboards, activity supplies and prizes.
If you would like to add extra experiences to your event, such as extra food items, a photo booth or experiences not covered by your ticket price, it would make sense to secure an event sponsor. In some cases, a sponsor may be needed to offset the cost of the service project. Do Good Date Night Corp. assumes no responsibility in this regard but we are helping to provide training in securing event sponsorships.
We have an in-house ticketing platform that allows you to sell tickets digitally ahead of time, as well as print attendee lists, refund tickets, communicate with attendees via email and send a post-event thank you and follow-up.
Depending on the policy of your host site and/or nonprofit partner, alcohol may not be allowed at the event. We have had many successful alcohol-free events. The permissions and permitting involved with offering, selling and/or serving alcohol is the responsibility of the event host and Do Good Date Night Corp. assumes no responsibility or liability in this regard.
Do Good Date Night events are primarily friend-raising events versus fundraising events. Our goal is to give couple access to meaningful service experiences in the hopes that they will continue to support our non-profit partners as ongoing volunteers and donors. That said, our Do Good Date Night raffle, a staple at all events, typically generates $250-$500 per event. Plus, our non-profit partners gain the benefit of our massive contribution to the night's service project.
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